Anaheim Solutions is a system integrator that specializes in three areas:

  • Design and implement IT solutions for an organization. Solutions usually comprises of IT equipment that is designed to fulfil their operational or security needs such as firewalls, servers, routing / switching for data traffic. We also perform back up and disaster recovery services for their critical data such as file servers, database servers.
  • Managed Service Providers – We provide managed services by acting as their outsourced IT department. Activities in this area will typically consist of managing the customer’s IT environment, planning for budgeting and assisting in helping users achieve a smooth IT usage.
  • Training and certification – We are the Authorised Training Partner for Extreme Networks Inc. The training classes will provide Users of Extreme Networks equipment a chance to have an instructor led lectures and extensive hands-on laboratory exercise. This will allow the students a chance to practice and learn real life working scenarios in a virtual IT infrastructure, enabling the students to be able to learn and later deploy or manage Extreme Network Solutions when required.

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